Product Brand : Nikon
Product Name : BF-3A
Product Type : : :
Product Description : The BF-3A is a Front Mount Cap for the NIKKOR Teleconverters. It will protect the Teleconverter from dust, smudges and scratches when not in use.
Price : 400 Baht
The Nikon BF-3B Replacement Front Mount Cap for Nikkor AF-S Teleconverters replaces the BF-3A. It is a protective cap that goes on the front of your teleconverter. A tight seal, thanks to the bayonet lock, prevents liquids, dust and dirt from ruining your teleconverter. This cap is compatible with the TC-14E II, TC-17E II, TC-20E II and TC-20E III teleconverters.

Product Highlights
  • Replacement for BF-3A Front Mount Cap
  • Protects From Liquids, Dirt, Scratches
  • Seals Teleconverter To Prevent Damage